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Remarks and References

"My favorite story was when the the old lady conquered her fears. I liked how you did sound effects in the stories."
— Stephen, 5th grader, South Beloit, Wis.

"I thought that Jean-Andrew had a real knack for telling stories by the way she could change her voice and really make you picture the story."
— Paul W., 6th grader

"I liked all the stories they were good but you made them fabulous! I wish I could come every day!! You really know how to make a kid have a wonderful day!!"
— Jeannine B., 3rd grader

"Excellent!! Our three-year-old talked non-stop all the way home about this session!"
— La Leche League Conference

"Thank you for coming to our school. I really liked the Dooley one, it was my favorite. Your performance was awesome! I thought it was going to be boring but it was interesting."
— Samantha, 5th grader, South Beloit, Wis.

"She was so good I could watch and listen to her for hours. I never laughed so hard."
— Ryan S., 6th grader

"Your storytelling is one of the greatest treasures at St. Rita's School. Thank you for sharing it with us."
— Cory Anshus, parent

"Many teachers and students exclaimed at your magical ability to draw everyone into the heart of your stories."
— Susan M. Nowak, Reading Specialist

"Your presence here in our school yesterday left a lot of sunshine, smiles, and laughter. The children are still singing 'Black Socks' ... You truly made our day a little brighter by your presence."
— S. Catherine Mary, principal

"We recently conducted a Fine Arts Day in our middle school where Jean-Andrew's talents were demonstrated and appreciated. Besides her professional abilities we were especially impressed by Jean's ability to maintain an excitement level and control the student's behavior within her assigned classes. Our Fine Arts Day was a success largely due to Jean's artistic approach to demonstrating and teaching."
— S. Paruch and J. Treinen, Fine Arts Day Directors, Northern Ozaukee School District

"Your afternoon of stories certainly brought smiles to our faces. Feedback from staff and students was tremendous. Thank you for painting pictures in our children's minds ... they loved it."
— Connie Schenke, HCE-PTO Programs

"Jean-Andrew charmed everyone from our youngest to our oldest students! I'm sure she helped us increase our appreciation of good literature and our oral reading skills. Ask your child about the red mitten story."
— Miss Strutz, principal, Fairview Newsletter

"Again, please let us say how delighted we were with the storytelling. Teachers came to me afterward and said how pleased they were. I've encouraged my faculty to tell stories themselves. It is such a good experience to live through ‘pictures in your mind'. Thank you."
— Lois Zahorik, principal

"Thank you for the enthralling storytelling program Wednesday. You have a wonderful gift. Your animation and characterizations really can capture an audience's attention. Many of the parents and children expressed how much they enjoyed the program."
— Children's Librarian, Hartland Public Library

"You were marvelous!!! The kids are talking and repeating your stories. Everyone is raving about your talents."
— Mary Dawson, School Librarian

"I just wanted you to know that people have been coming in all week and saying how great they thought Tuesday's storytelling program was. There have been lots of comments, all of them enthusiastic. Thanks again for coming."
— Ann Piehl, Whitefish Bay Library

"I enjoyed your storytelling for the women's ministry. You have such a gift and I was lucky to be there. From the very start I felt my inner child was touched and how wonderful it was."
— Carrie D., Holy Family Parish

"Your program Tuesday night was the best we ever had ... I just want to thank you again for your talent and humor."
— Ed T., Mayfair Interfaith

"You can be sure that the spark of life (and energy) you touched these women with will grow within them for years. Thanks for your bountiful stories."
— Director of Programs, St. Catherine Residence

"Your enthusiasm for life is evident in the way you teach. Your knowledge of (children's) books is astounding. Your stories bring the words to life for so many of our children. Know that you are appreciated."
— Judi White, St. Rita School

"... for your three presentations on storytelling. We were pleased to have you with us. The staff and (adult) students here were impressed with style and substance. You are so right when you talk of the need to rekindle imagination."
— Coordinator of Adult/Youth Education, Council for the Spanish Speaking, Inc.

"This Friday our Girl Scout Troop traveled to Luther Manor Nursing Home to 'tell stories' to the residents there. As leaders, we were very proud of what our girls had accomplished. However, more importantly, our girls were proud of themselves. They knew they had learned a new skill, practiced it well, and were able to use that skill to bring some happiness to someone else. Thank you for your kindness in sharing your talents with our troop. Our scouts would never have had the confidence they had without your guidance."
— Lisa, Connie and Janet, Leaders of Troop 196

Comments from workshop and course participants ...

"This year's Literature Festival students were extremely pleased with your workshop presentation. Many of the papers included specific ways your ideas will be used in the classroom."
— Cardinal Stritch University

"Jean-Andrew knows her subject so well, it flows out of her. Her comfort level puts her students at ease as well."

"Enjoyable and least restrictive environment for learning. Allows for self-expression and evaluation."

"I'm super-charged with ideas for teaching in my 3rd grade classroom. Endless resources were presented."

"(Liked) the actual practice we had immediately following the information ... Jean got us up and going the first day. Teacher modeling was excellent."

"Jean is a 5-star teacher and her relaxed manner helped all to learn ... She covered so many aspects of single telling, group telling, and (had) great suggestions."

"I didn't think I'd be good at storytelling and now I actually enjoy it ... this was a revelation to me."

"Opened me up to think around the corner."

"Excellent presentation! I liked the emphasis on personal experience and scripture."

"Really good. Kept our attention at night (late evening session)."

"I changed to her workshop at the evaluation of others."

"The spontaneity of Jean-Andrew's workshop began to work its spell and, one by one, the members of the audience became mesmerized by her presentation."
— The Telegraph Herald

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