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Book Tales



These storytelling programs encourage reading for fun. Hearing stories drawn from books sends children to the bookshelves and library for more good stories.

Jean-Andrew's storytelling brings oral language alive, and students of every age are drawn effortlessly into active listening and creative imagination.

Once they have experienced tales told, it is natural for children to seek books to read, so the imagination adventure can continue!

Books Are the Key
(Developed especially for the 2007 "Get a Clue @ Your Library"
Summer Library Program.)

Rhymes, riddles, and clues for you to solve! Jean-Andrew presents KEY CLUES that lead to STORIES that reveal favorite or new BOOKS to find on the library shelves. Join the fun. Solve the riddles. Follow the clues.

This interactive storytelling program will get everyone participating and discovering amazing books.

BOOKS are the KEY! BOOKS are the KEY!
Open up a book and you will see
There is so much to discover
at your local library!

  Download a "Books Are the Key" program flyer!  
[PDF format, 145k]

Contact Jean-Andrew to book your "Book Tales" program today!

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