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Classes and Courses

Jean-Andrew has a Masters in Education and has taught a variety of graduate level storytelling courses at regional colleges and universities.

"Finding Your Voice: A Storytelling Class for Beginners" has introduced teachers, parents, and others intrigued by the telling of tales, to the techniques and skills that make it possible to tell a story well.

Other course offerings include:

  • Advanced Tales and Techniques

  • Introduction to the World of Storytelling

  • Spontaneous Storytelling and Imagination

  • Story Selection and Program Building

  • From Life Experience to Personal Stories

Jean-Andrew also offers shorter presentations, classes, and workshops on many aspects of storytelling for adults and students, including:

  • Personal Stories: How to Craft Them for Telling and Writing
  • Reading and Telling: What's the Real Difference?

  • Storytelling: A Natural Way to Teach

  • Storytelling and the Written Word

  • Storytelling in Religious Education

Residencies can be developed to integrate storytelling into a variety of educational subjects.

Storytelling coaching offers individual guidance in the development of skill with an emphasis on personal style and repertoire.

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Jean-Andrew is an enthusiastic supporter of new tellers and she promotes storytelling at every opportunity.

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